NUTRE: a highly innovative company

"Nutre is a recent arrival into the national scene. Don´t let this fool you though as Nutre is fast heading for success as evidenced by its strong focus on the market for soya-based (but not only) organic drinks” are the words of the president of COMPETE 2020, Rui Vinhas da Silva within the scope of the initiative COMPETE 2020: close to those who create value.

This is a no frills company, highly geared towards innovation and showing a clear market orientation amidst a constant concern with financial stability. Nutre constitutes an exceptional example of the power of a unique combination between innovation and marketing, anchored on a strong applied research and development programme, which gives it a set of sustainable competitive competencies of a kind that are difficult to replicate in a market segment that has only recently come to the attention of the Portuguese consumer. An excellent company”, concludes the president of COMPETE 2020.


A Brief History of the Company

At the base of Nutre’s development is agriculture, an activity which, benefitting from technological advances and facing an increasing shift towards alternative energies, is crucial for the global supply of raw-materials, namely oilseeds, cereals (grains) and vegetable oils.

Nutre works the market with a clear client focus, having established itself throughout the entire agro-industrial business value chain, where it seeks to operate in an integrated manner: from agricultural production to the trading of industrial products and foodstuffs. Under this principle, Nutre has invested in a unit to extract edible oils and bran for technical purposes and for animal feed. Following closely the global trends encouraging the development of alternatives capable of reducing petrol dependence, it has also focused on the production of biodiesel, setting up a biofuel factory in Romania. And, implementing its strategy of client focus, Nutre has also invested in the development, in Portugal, of foodstuffs based on cereals and oilseeds, specifically focusing on the final consumer.

Nutre’s ambition in the international market has resulted in the strong geographical expansion of its activity. It is present in countries such as Romania, Portugal, Brazil or Angola, where it develops projects of an industrial nature and carries out agricultural activities, on its own and in partnership with local farmers, boosting the development of local production and creating jobs in 3 continents.

Nutre found in COMPETE and COMPETE 2020, the support instruments that fitted its strategy of the investigation of new raw-materials, of increasing its productive capacity, allowing it to concretize its focus on internationalization.

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COMPETE 2020: close to those who create value

Within the scope of the initiative “COMPETE 2020: close to those who create value”, the president of COMPETE 2020, Rui Vinhas da Silva, began his visit to the food sector on the 14th of March, which involved 15 companies of a sector that is strategic for the country: the food industry.

This sector presents a complex value chain encompassing different companies in a wide range of markets for different customers. The food sector includes a scope of activities related to the transformation of raw-materials and food or drink commodities and their availability to the final consumer. It cuts across activities as distinct as agriculture, forestry and food and drink distribution. It is a highly competitive segment, where scale effects are important, as evidenced by the existence of well-known multinationals in the area, although the smaller companies are still prominent.

The itinerary of the visits sought to be as comprehensive as possible covering the richness of the sector and analyzing the competitive advantages of each company. According to the 2014 data of INE (National Institute of Statistics), this sector contributes 14,8 billion euros to the national economy and a gross added value of 2,7 billion euros. It is the second largest employer in Portugal, directly employing more than 100 thousand people and indirectly about 500 thousand. In the last five years the growth rate of exportation was larger than importation and it is fundamental in order to affirm our food self-sufficiency and guarantee the sustainability of national consumption.

This visit counted on the close collaboration of Portugal Foods, an association formed by companies, by entities of the national scientific and technological system and by national and regional entities that represent the various subsectors that make up the Portuguese food sector.





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