Sonix manufactures clothing and knitwear

According to the president of COMPETE 2020, Rui Vinhas da Silva, “Sonix bases its strategy on the manufacturing and trade of private-label clothing collections for reputed international retailers”. Rui Vinhas da Silva adds: “with an emphasis on the provision of dyeing services and the production of tinted knitwear and Sonix branded articles, the company is able to control some important links in the value chain, namely upstream, thus achieving productive efficiencies but also downstream in the diversification that it is able to attain in both products and markets. An excellent example.”


A Brief History of Sonix

Sonix is a company that produces clothing and knitwear articles. It is a solid organization, which was able to combine its extensive experience of more than 40 years to permanent updating and innovation. A serious and rigorous management policy, allows it to have a good price versus quality relation.

With its own weaving and dyeing, Sonix has a great flexibility and capacity of production transforming the different raw-materials into articles of clothing that after being controlled and tested are dispatched to its clients.

The company has 160 workers and produces 15.000 articles daily of which 80% are destined to be exported to the European market.

As we live in a world that is increasingly more global and competitive, Sonix was able to create in the last few years international productive partnerships, thus keeping up with the price requirements and its markets. In addition to their production capacity in Portugal, their production platforms extend to Africa and Asia, always with Portuguese management that has as its priority maintaining the same level of quality and service to which they have accustomed their clients. Sonix places a great emphasis on its human resources hand has as its work ethic continuous improvement and has developed a competitive culture between its collaborators in all fields of operation.


“COMPETE 2020: close to those who create value” 

On the 18th of November 2015, the president of COMPETE 2020 Rui Vinhas da Silva began a weeklong visit to companies in the textiles and fashion sectors.

These are sectors of economic activity that have experienced growth in exports in the order of 9,5% in 2014 (ANIVEC). From 2009 to 2014, these sectors saw export sales rocket by a staggering 29%. Within the textile sector exports of clothing represented 60,2% of 2014 total exports, and contributed to the balance of trade with a surplus of 967 million euros.

The visit by the Chairman of COMPETE 2020 is part of a wider agenda to bring firms who are keen on exporting their goods and internationalize their economic activity on the one hand and COMPETE 2020 on the other closer and closer together as both sides share a common purpose, that of increasing exports and substituting imports, thus contributing to a structurally healthier balance of trade.  By identifying the set of critical factors for economic growth that are inherent to successful export strategies, by acting in a consistent and systematic way, by adding value to tradable goods, committing to incorporate innovation, applied knowledge and marketing, listing what is necessary to do to remove the structural and behavioral barriers to direct external investment, it will be be possible to create the conditions for sustained economic growth in Portugal via competitiveness and exports, all of which materializes the ultimate objective of COMPETE 2020.

According to Rui Vinhas da Silva, president of COMPETE 2020, the visits within the scope of “COMPETE 2020:close to those who create value”, showed that the textiles and clothing sector which has undergone severe turmoil with the opening of the European markets to China and the 2008 crisis, were able to reinvent themselves, having acquired sustainable competitive advantages anchored in tangible differentiation (sophisticated processes and products) thus improving the competitiveness of the Portuguese economy. Less has been done on the branding (both corporate and product) front, but progress has been made.






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COMPETE 2020 close to those who create value
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