“Sumol+Compal seeks to achieve sustainable competitive advantages in the global market”

For Rui Vinhas da Silva, “Sumol+Compal is an excellent example of a modern company characterized by a clear market orientation rooted on a business philosophy that is committed to the sophistication and improvement of productive processes that result in products that consumers in widely different markets want and look for. With a clear focus on R&D applied to processes and products Sumol+Compal thus seeks to achieve sustainable competitive advantages in the global market.”


A Brief History of the Company 

Fruit, vegetables and water are undeniable sources of pleasure, hydration and nutrition for consumers. This together with the many trends in modern-day society, such as eating a balanced diet, creates enormous opportunities in some markets, particularly the fast moving beverages market. Exploiting opportunities, contributing to sustainable development, is an on-going motivating challenge for them. Their aim is that in any market in which Sumol+Compal is present each consumer chooses one of their products every day. The two major national names in high turnover beverages in Portugal joined forces in 2008. The result was Sumol+Compal. A new future began towards even greater success. 

Sumol+Compal, SA is the parent company of this new corporate reality. It is the company responsible for areas that are transversal to the whole group, and provides backing for SUMOL+COMPAL MARCAS, SA, to SUMOL+COMPAL DISTRIBUIÇÃO, SA and to Sasel – Sociedade de Águas da Serra da Estrela, S.A. Its responsibilities include the strategy, organization, planning, control, reporting and monitoring the work of operations in the different companies as well as communication and representation. It is also responsible for managing franchising contracts and property management. 

This is a company that is proud of its past heritage and faces the future with optimism and confidence. They are a Portuguese company with Portuguese and represented brands and it is their very nature that inspires them. All that they do has their public in mind. It is in their nature to do everything they can for people.  With this in mind, they have built up a team and they believe they will continue to bring surprises. It is in their nature to refresh and bring pleasure. They intend to go on doing this for many years to come.

Included in their portfolio they have, among others, the brands Sumol, Compal, B!, Pepsi, 7Up, Um Bongo, Água Serra da Estrela, Frize, Gatorade, Tagus and Grolsch.

Sumol+Compal discovered in the support instruments of the European Regional Development Fund, namely the support for activities of R&D a lever for the development of new products and new positioning. Get to know the projects we support by consulting the Roteiro.  


COMPETE 2020: close to those who create value

Within the scope of the initiative “COMPETE 2020: close to those who create value”, the president of COMPETE 2020, Rui Vinhas da Silva, began his visit to the food sector on the 14th of March, which involved 15 companies of a sector that is strategic for the country: the food industry.

The itinerary of the visits sought to be as comprehensive as possible covering the richness of the sector and analyzing the competitive advantages of each company. According to the 2014 data of INE (National Institute of Statistics), this sector contributes 14,8 billion euros to the national economy and a gross added value of 2,7 billion euros. It is the second largest employer in Portugal, directly employing more than 100 thousand people and indirectly about 500 thousand. In the last five years the growth rate of exportation was larger than importation and it is fundamental in order to affirm our food self-sufficiency and guarantee the sustainability of national consumption.

This visit counted on the close collaboration of Portugal Foods, an association formed by companies, by entities of the national scientific and technological system and by national and regional entities that represent the various subsectors that make up the Portuguese food sector.




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COMPETE 2020 close to those who create value
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